Live Streaming Dashcam 

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" These live streaming dashcams are AMAZING! I love the ability to check on my drivers to make sure they are following our rules, we have been able to correct some very bad habits of our drivers, love it!" - Trucking Transports LLC

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Dashcamera with Live Streaming Video

Stream Live Video with our Dashcams!

  • View live streaming video from your app or PC!

  • See what your driver sees, and protect driver privacy

  • Get instant access to full HD video and keep it stored in the cloud for up to 30 days!

  • Live stream the video captured on your SD card directly from your app or dashboard

  • Share and access your video securely

Stream Live Video from Anywhere - Mobile or Desktop

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Keeping drivers safe and productive is a challenge for any company.

Our live streaming dashcams allow you to keep an eye on your drivers, even when they are out of sight. You can make sure that your policies are being followed, provide coaching, and ensure the safety of all involved. We want to help you get more from your fleet by providing tools that improve driver performance and safety!

With our live dashcam service we will install a HD camera in each vehicle that streams footage directly into our cloud based dashboard where you can watch what's going on at any time. This gives you the ability to monitor every aspect of your fleet so you know exactly how things are going while allowing employees privacy while driving if needed. You'll be able to see who is following policy or not, which vehicles have problems with speeding or hard braking, plus much more!